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We listen to your needs, make a plan, and execute it with you in mind every step of the way. Our customers get treated like family. You can be sure that our caring team members will treat every comment as important and appreciate any feedback.
What Makes Us Different


At LinkOn, the value we provide is very important to us. Our customers have returned to us multiple times because of the value we provide in comparison to our competitors. We are able to provide these values because of our Vision, our Team and the fact that we are a One Stop Shop.

The Vision

The ability to help businesses and organizations of all kinds to reach success and prosper. Whether you’re taking first steps in your business or are already established, we’ll help you reach your goals and beyond.

One Stop Shop

We have made sure to do all the research and be ready in any situation for your Marketing Needs. In house we do everything related to Marketing and Creative Services.

Our Team

For us to be successful, we need to be a strong team and our team is just that. We have professionals with different backgrounds who are passionate about what they do and get the job done. We pay attention to details that others usually miss.
"It’s absolute pleasure to be partnering with SearchAFG on marketing development and brand exposure. We have seen a great level of professionalism and marketing skills from team SearchAFG. Thank you for taking responsibility on yourself to create a sustainable plate form and portraying Afghan business at its best. We are excited for the future endeavors of this partnership"

Ms. Rahiba Rahimi, CEO

"LinkOn Group marketing agency is a connecting point between us and our dear customers. The result was great for us, with a low cost we gained dozens of customers daily through SearchAFG application. Thanks to the efforts of LinkOn Group's board of directors"

Mr. Khalid Ahmadi, CEO

"The team at LinkOn Group has helped our business rebrand and move into the digital marketing and sales arena. Always friendly, always responsive, and a true partner to our business. We are fully committed to SearchAFG being the key to taking our sales to the next level . We know it will take some time to get scaled up and use all of its features, but it is obvious what it can do for us if utilized. We are so excited about what SearchAFG & LinkOn Group can do for us"

Mohammad Rasoul Tajik, Marketing Manager

My experience with LinkOn Group was great, we were not only branded for a small fee, but we are exposed to thousands of people and can now be found on any social page we search.

Ismail, CEO

The LinkOn Group team is quick to respond and work very hard to deliver top-quality work. They’ve met every goal that we have set out for them, and they’re also great about presenting us with new ideas to continue to set ourselves apart from our competition.

Abdul Rahim Waheed, CEO

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LinkoN proudly launches searchafg app

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We help businesses grow by providing them with necessary tools to succeed and making it easy for customers to reach them. Our goal is to improve the lives of those in small and big communities.
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We are a professional creative team passionate about innovation, design, and ability to bring it all together in one brilliant and beautiful experience. If that's what you're looking for, call or send us an email to get started.
how we desgin

Research & Discovery

We begin Every design project through the research and discovery phase where we gather all the necessary details about your company, challenges, its target audience and market, Vision, goals and more.

User Experience Design

After some research and discovery, next we align our findings with proven trendy design strategies, organize our content and story into layouts and modules streamlined for conversion.

User Interface Design

After creating our layouts We take it to the next level of design process through user interface design, where we explore interfaces, color, icons and font treatments to streamline navigation of the brand.

Art Direction

Visual storytelling is the key to setting the overall aesthetic of a brand, which sets the mood and feel of any digital, print or live experience. Our art directors help bring brands and experiences to life through the use of creativity, photography, video, color, and typeface treatment.


Having a good design is not everything; you also need a production partner that has the know-how to deliver an efficient, cost-productive, high-quality final product, experience, and or overall campaign.

Testing and Optimization

To make sure everything we design is optimized for giving the best results, we fully embrace the design, test, optimize and repeat process to ensure we are delivering the best results for our clients.
About Linkon

At LinkOn, we want to challenge all the standards that were set and state that we can create better and become better.

It is our number one goal to continue innovating and embracing change. We are strong believers in rising by lifting others. Our mission is to improve the lives of those in small and big communities. Our team consists of talented individuals who have over a decade of experience working with companies such as Cisco, Microsoft, PayPal, HBO, Apple, and T-Mobile with proficiency ranging from Communication, Sales, Networking, IT Administration, Network Security, Systems Development, and Project Management.
LinkOn Group is a Digital Marketing & Solutions Company. We bring the latest world class technology to Afghanistan. Our initiatives are designed to help bring communities together and help businesses grow.
Our ambitions go beyond wherever we can help job creation in Afghanistan, so that we all could build a brighter future. We know that the path we have taken is not an easy one, and that is the reason we are taking it. Bringing positive and lasting change that one can be proud of is hard work and we are not afraid to work hard.
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