July 29, 2021

Handwoven carpet manufacturer in Kabul

Handwoven carpet manufacturer in Kabul

Elmak Baaft Carpet Manufacturing company known as Kabul Carpet is a handwoven carpet manufacturer and exporter company based in Kabul, Afghanistan with having sales points in Moscow, Russian and Shanghai, China. Elmak Baaft is able to produce and export customized desi gn orders and massive order with lowest possible duration. In different color shades and different sizes and designs. The +20 years experience in carpet industry we have helped thousands of families in Afghanistan to be part of history and create a piece of art by their finger. website : afghanistancarpetnshc.com . Kabul Carpet is manufacturer and exporter of quality woolen Carpet.  Woolen rugs, silk rugs. handmade carpets and Kilims. Our proction capacity of over 600-700 sqm per month for woolen and silk hand knotted carpets coupled with our last 18 years experience in Afghanistan.  We have a distinct advantage of production the carpet with a minimum cost and at the same time keeping the highest quality standards each carpet is individual which is influenced by our tradition.

We are specialized in the following varieties :

Hand knotted silk carpets
Hand knotted woolen carpets.

Our all products are specialized with :

Natural herbal herbaceous colors
Classical wash and hand spawn wool.
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