July 29, 2021

Leading brand in the apparel retail industry

Leading brand in the apparel retail industry

Collezione, one of the leading brand in the apparel retail industry in Turkey, which adopts the vision of being the leader of apparel market by acccess the quality with its fair price policy that reflects the spirit of the streets continues its investments by opening stores and covering men's and women's clothing and accessories with the latest fashion trends in various places in all over the world. Collezione offers stylish,  free, trendy and particular life style reflecting its own style and living on music and arts with. it's a creative and quick brand producing 6 collections and and designing 4000 different models a year. Besides,  Collezione is a humanitarian and environmentalist brand, caring about the health of both, producing its goods in laboratories scrutinizing. Collezione collaborates with famous designers and enjoys diversity and innovation just like young people.  Collezione stores bring together world fashion and young people and people who feel young with the ideal blend and combination of  " fast fresh fashion" concept and "fair price".

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